Innovative feed additives

For animal nutrition, naturally

Innovation and product quality are an essential part of AGOLIN’s success. Our extensive scientific network and know-how around plant active ingredients has allowed us to develop a next generation range of powerful solutions helping to optimise feed intake and gut health for livestock.

Working with top researchers around the world, we have shown that our products offer unique benefits to the livestock industry and beyond, to the wider consumer, optimising input utilisation and sustainability across many different production systems.

First feed additive certified for methane reduction in ruminants

“Agolin reduces the CO2 impact of cattle farming”

“The Swiss Confederation has established a climate strategy for agriculture, which aims to increase production while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. […] One of the solutions for achieving it is a cattle feed additive sold by Agolin. This natural additive reduces emissions of methane into the air by improving the digestion and well-being of cattle.”

“The Company Agolin (in Bière, Canton de Vaud) markets a plant-based feed additive that helps reduce methane emissions from cattle, providing an effective low-cost solution to limiting the production of greenhouse gases in the farming industry.”