Swiss confederation presents Agolin as a solution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


“The Swiss Confederation has established a climate strategy for agriculture, which aims to increase production while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. […] One of the solutions for achieving it is a cattle feed additive sold by Agolin. This natural additive reduces emissions of methane into the air by improving the digestion and well-being of cattle.”

“The Company Agolin (in Bière, Canton de Vaud) markets a plant-based feed additive that helps reduce methane emissions from cattle, providing an effective low-cost solution to limiting the production of greenhouse gases in the farming industry.”

REUTERS “Burps to burgers: food companies wrangle climate-warming cattle emissions.”

WINNIPEG, Manitoba (Reuters) – Looking to improve milk production, California farmer John Verwey turned to a Swiss-made feed additive designed to make a cow more efficient while reducing methane emissions from cattle burps

New Technical Manager Arnaud Jouve joined our team!

We are very pleased and proud to announce that Arnaud Jouve joined our team in the role of Technical Manager, effective as of 1st October 2020.

Arnaud is citizen of France and his educational background is veterinary medecine (University of Liège, Belgium). He also holds a Masters degree in Neuroscience from the King’s College in London.

Since 2016 Arnaud has worked in practice as a veterinarian in the UK and Switzerland and has a good understanding of production systems and animal husbandry. We know that Arnaud will be a great asset to our technical team based on his experience and technical expertise.

 We, the whole Agolin team, wish Arnaud the best of luck and success in his new position.