Swiss confederation presents Agolin as a solution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


“The Swiss Confederation has established a climate strategy for agriculture, which aims to increase production while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. […] One of the solutions for achieving it is a cattle feed additive sold by Agolin. This natural additive reduces emissions of methane into the air by improving the digestion and well-being of cattle.”

“The Company Agolin (in Bière, Canton de Vaud) markets a plant-based feed additive that helps reduce methane emissions from cattle, providing an effective low-cost solution to limiting the production of greenhouse gases in the farming industry.”

REUTERS “Burps to burgers: food companies wrangle climate-warming cattle emissions.”

WINNIPEG, Manitoba (Reuters) – Looking to improve milk production, California farmer John Verwey turned to a Swiss-made feed additive designed to make a cow more efficient while reducing methane emissions from cattle burps